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Info Tags

Greenlit + Uploaded - The article has been greenlit and uploaded.
2.0 - The article is in a 2.0 rework.
In Progress - The article is being written/drafted/added to.
Awaiting Crit - The article is waiting to be critiqued.
Idle - The article is not being worked on.

btw i stole all these tags from MyrandFoxMyrandFox so props to her for making this nice system

Level 9.2 Idea Location: Level 9.2 State: idle

Level 179 Idea Location: Level 179 State: 2.0/In Progress

Level 207 Idea Location: Level 207 State: idle

Level 738 Idea Location: Level 738 State: Idle

Object 35 Idea Location: Object 33 State: Idle

Entity 138 Idea Location: Entity 138 State: Idle

Non wikidot ideas
Zone 74 Idea Location: Zone 74 State: Greenlit + Uploaded
Zone 81 Idea Location: Zone 81 State: Greenlit + Uploaded

Zone 24 Idea Location: Zone 24 State: In Progress

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